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Cocks for B’Day in Vancouver

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

Need to find Dayna a few cocks for tonight in Vancouver it’s her B’Day party. Couples are good too! Add to this creampie I just gave her!


Orgy/Gangbang Tomorrow

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Having an orgy tomorrow night at a hotel between Tacoma and Seattle. Email us to join.

TGIF – 5 cocks and 2 pussies! (her story)

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

Perfect way to kick off the weekend!  J and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary this week, and we celebrated with a hotel party on Friday night.  After a pretty busy week at work, I have to say that is the absolute best way to kick off a weekend – hours of sucking and fucking in a hotel room with people we just met!  J takes such good care of me – while I was toiling away at work on Friday, he was on Craigslist and Lifestyle Lounge recruiting people for the evening’s festivities.  All I had to do was book the room!

So I got off work early, met up with J at home, packed up a few essentials, and off to the hotel we went!  We set up the room with plenty of lube, toys, condoms and porn, and headed down to the bar for the meetup.  We hung out for drinks and conversation for quite awhile as people arrived – all in all we had two couples (including J and I) and 3 single guys for the party.  We headed back to the room around ten or so and the fun began. :)

I got started with one of the single guys on one side of the room, while J and the others got started on the bed.  I had a ton of fun sucking my guy’s cock:

At one point J joined in as well and I sucked them both! After awhile we switched things up and I started sucking guy #2′s cock while the guy from the other couple fucked me. I love playing with many cocks at once – the more the better! I also really love making men feel good, and it was obvious during this little session that both of them were having so much fun, it made me really happy to make them feel good while I was having so much fun myself. Then J joined back in and I got my first facial of the night, so good! I lapped it up, I always love drinking J’s cum. :) Then, with J’s cum still on my face, I started riding guy #2 on the floor. I also got to play with some pussy while the female half of our playmate couple was playing with guy #1 right next to us. I got to ride guy #2 while she played with my pussy and I played with hers – she was so soft and she was having such a good time as we all played with each other for awhile while the others watched and jerked off.

(Check back HERE later for more video!)

Finally, our playmate couple had to leave a little early (so sad! but they were really fun and I’m sure we’ll play again!) and I got to finish out the evening sucking and fucking 4 guys at once. They all took turns fucking me while I sucked them off. J also made me cum using my favorite vibrator (another anniversary present!) while the others fucked me. When I cum, I’m loud and passionate and it really got the others excited. It didn’t take much after that to get some more cum for me as the guys came all over me – I was completely coated, face, tits, everything!

After that, everyone had cum at least once or twice, except for guy #1, who was having a little stage fright.  It’s really important to me that everyone have the most fun they can, so the other two singles were getting ready to leave, and J left with them for a little while so I could have guy #1 all to myself.  While guy #1 started to jerk off, I played with his balls and asshole, which really turned him on (that was new to him and it’s so exciting to me to help someone discover new ways to feel good).  Then he was good to go!  He fucked me for awhile, and his shape was perfect for hitting my gspot, which really made me wet and gave me goosebumps all over.  When he came he came all over my face and tits, and was so excited he shot up over my head and hit the sheets – awesome!

After 4 hours or so, several orgasms for all (and many facials for me), I was spent! Everyone was so much fun, so passionate, and such gentlemen! I felt like a goddess and I am looking forward to playing with them all again. After everyone left, J made love to me one more time (he’s always my first and last, my #1!) and we went to bed. I slept like a baby! When we woke up we fucked twice more before leaving the hotel – I got to swallow his cum the first time, and the second time it was a creampie for J. Only one more hole left to fill…. later. :)

Like I said, definitely the perfect start to an beautiful summer weekend. All the ladies out there who aren’t into this sort of thing sure are missing out. I’m so lucky and happy to have the life J and I have together!

Hotel Orgy Video – Part One!

Sunday, August 21st, 2011

So as promised here is the first video of the night. There were four cocks and two pussys. Watching Dayna was beautiful. Enjoy….more to come.

The fun begins! Orgy at hotel tonight!

Friday, August 19th, 2011

We have a hotel booked for tonight. Going to meet at a bar have drinks with couples and singles and whomever we manage to pick up then head back to the hotel for an orgy/gangbang.