A super fun conga line!

So back over the holidays we were invited to a friend of J’s birthday party. It was lifestyle peeps as well as “vanillas” and when we first got there I have to admit I was a little bored. But, we had already decided to spend the night so we were in it for the long haul anyway, so I decided to just roll with whatever. I also wasn’t honestly in that big of a mood to play, believe it or not! Thankfully I was soon persuaded otherwise. :)

Eventually the vanilla friends left and J’s friend was very excited because she could finally get into her true party mode, dancing around the house in lingerie along with her other girlfriends. Eventually she decided that she wanted a birthday massage so we all went into the bedroom and she took her top off and laid down while a couple guys and gals started massaging her back. Well it didn’t take long before everyone was good and warmed up, and she rolled over and everyone started massaging the front. At this point I was still feeling pretty mellow but I was really enjoying watching.

But that was soon to change – J jumped in and really got the party started. He came up and stripped off the birthday girl’s panties and starting eating her pussy, which he is soooo good at and that got me so super wet and horny, I just had to join. I jumped in and pulled off J’s pants and started sucking his balls and licking his ass while he ate out the bday girl. I looooove doing that, it’s so delicious!

Then one of the other guys in the room, that was massaging the birthday girl, saw me bent over the bedside with my mouth all over J’s balls, and he came over and pulled up my dress and took down my panties. He started fingering my wet pussy and then started to eat me out. God it felt so good! He kept licking and fingering until I was so wet I was begging to get fucked. So he stood up and stuck his hard cock deep inside my pussy and started pounding me hard. This had to be the best conga line, ever: The bday girl on the bed, J’s face deep in her pussy, me sucking his balls and getting pounded from behind!

But eventually others wanted to join in too, so the conga line was broken! Another girl guest had to get her mouth around J’s cock so she rolled him over and I showed her how it’s done until she took over for herself, sucking J’s cock while he fingered her pussy. Meanwhile the guy that was fucking me doggy style pulled me aside and planted me right on top of him, and I rode him hard until he came, while other onlookers had fun caressing and fondling my and the other girls’ tits and ass.

So all in all it turned out to be a pretty rocking birthday party! After awhile we were all pretty tired so it was off to bed. Pleasant dreams were had by all I’m sure. The only thing that was missing was pictures! :( Unfortunately we didn’t get any…but here’s one to whet your appetite:

J and I are off to Hedo in Jamaica today, if you happen to be there over the next week or so let me know! Otherwise I’m sure there will be lots of juicy stories to post after our trip so I’ll talk to you all again soon.


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